Who on this lovely app lives in Reno? :)

Loves the sky right now :)

Look!! It’s snowing outside :3

The view out my bedroom window :)
Lovely day huh? 

Mmmmm…It smells like rain.

Today is going to be a good day :)

Me and my friend just spent the last few hours getting FUCKING EXCITED for the Steve Aoki and DatsiK concert on monday!!!!


myself and some sexy bitches

It snowed for the first time last night, so me and a few of my friends went out and did donuts in a icy parking lot at like 3 in the morning :P


home :3

Going to an orgy with my best friend ;)

we’re going to street vibrations :3


I love my city :)

I love my city :)

Reno is such a beautiful city…there are 4 fires going on in the mountains…and its also a thunderstorm, and a rainbow? <3 this city

I love Nevada, okay.


It’s not just desert and cacti. Whoever placed that stigma on this state was mentally challenged. I love all the snow (yes it does snow here, for that dumbfuckwit who tried to tell me it doesn’t) the mountains, the bears, all the rivers and streams, the trout, the mountain lions, and the bright casino lights in between.

I love it.